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Our mission is to provide a seamless logistics tracking experience for Shopify store owners and their customers. We understand the importance of reliable and transparent logistics tracking in today’s ecommerce landscape, and we strive to make this process as effortless as possible.

Our app is designed to offer real-time logistics tracking for over 1000 logistics providers, reducing the need for manual tracking and increasing efficiency for both store owners and their customers. With our app, customers receive automatic notifications when their shipment status changes, which reduces the need for customer support and enhances the overall shopping experience.

Our team is made up of experienced developers and logistics experts who are dedicated to providing the best possible experience for our users. We are committed to continuous improvement and are always looking for ways to enhance our app's functionality and usability.
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200+ Reviews

What We Do

Streamline Shipping Management

Our Shopify app simplifies shipping management for ecommerce businesses by offering real-time tracking and notifications for over 1000 logistics providers. Keep your customers informed and reduce customer service inquiries with our customizable, user-friendly app.


Simplify your shipping management with our app


Track your shipments in real-time with 1000+ logistics providers


Notify your customers of shipping updates proactively

"Très bonne application ! Interface possible en plusieurs langue donc tres pratique. Installation simple et le contact est rapide si on a besoin d'aide. Je recommande cette application pour le suivi des commandes."
Cybele Pierres
"The best order lookup app ever. Customer service is excellent. It supports google Maps to show the current location. Easy to use."
"A very useful APP, the customer service response is very fast, and patiently helped me solved the problem, it is worth recommending"
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